Red Goat Climbing Company


A bouldering community in the centre of York, welcoming people of all abilities and experience


Bouldering is a simple and social form of climbing without ropes or harnesses. If you’ve never climbed before, a 45-minute induction is all you need to get started.

We’re open everyday, with a wood-burning stove and great coffee.

Monday to Friday: 11am - 10pm

Weekends : 10am - 8pm


Membership & Prices


Peak Off-peak

Adult £7.50 £6.50 Student £6.50 £5.50 Child £6 £5

Off-peak = weekdays before 4pm


Membership Monthly subscription Single Month Annual

Adult £38 £45 £370 Student £33 £40 £320 Child £28 £30 £250

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Kids’ Clubs

Our hugely popular kids’ sessions offer great coaching and even better fun for 7 - 16 year olds

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30pm (7-11 yrs) 5:30pm (12-16 yrs)

Saturdays 10:30am (7-8 yrs) 11:30am (9-11 yrs) 1pm (12-16 yrs)

During school holidays, Kids’ Clubs run on a different schedule:

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 11:30am (7-11 yrs) 1pm (12-16 yrs)

Saturdays 10:30am (7-8 yrs) 11:30am (9-11 yrs) 1pm (12-16 yrs)

Sessions last 1 hour and cost £7 per child


Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do I need to have climbed before to come to Red Goat?

If you're not a competent indoor climber, or if it's been a while since you climbed, you'll need to do an induction with us

+ What does the induction involve?

Your induction will last around 45 minutes to an hour, during which time a friendly instructor will teach you the basics of climbing, as well as how to use the centre safely. Once your induction is complete you'll be a fully signed-up member of the gym and can then come whenever you like. Inductions cost £15 - give us a call on 01904 731548 to get booked in

+ Can I come bouldering by myself?

Yes! Climbing is a very social activity, and you'll meet lots of people to climb with once you're here

+ Do I need any equipment to come bouldering?

Bouldering is the most stripped-back version of climbing - all you need is a pair of sticky rubber shoes and some chalk. You can hire both of these when you arrive (and they're included in an induction)

+ Can I bring my kids climbing?

Bouldering is suitable for all ages. You can supervise your children yourself if you're a member with us, or they can join one of our Kids' Clubs if you're not a climber

+ How do I find you?

We're located at 6 Redeness Street YO31 7UU, just behind the Morrisons on Foss Islands Retail Park. If you're travelling down Layerthorpe Road, take the turnoff down James Street opposite Asda, and we're immediately on the right

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